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What We Offer
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E-commerce Stores

Beautiful Pre-built and automated stores to quickly start your business.

Logo, Domain & Branding

Unique logo, catchy domain and visual identity that can leave a solid impression.

Digital marketing

Strategies and Marketing tools that attract, engage and convert customers.

SEO Optimization

You need more than just a website to see top results on google's first page.

Customer Handling

Allow us to handle the queries of customers 24/7 on your behalf.

Product Selection

Product niche selection is extremely important in dropshipping.

Paid Marketing

We will take care of selecting right ads for promotion on correct platform.

Country Selection

Select right country to ship your products to maximize profit.

Support & Maintenance

All time support so that your dropshiping business never go offline.

Who we are

Dropship Directly is an online company which has strong expertise in Dropshipping. We provide prebuilt automated E-commerce stores and digital marketing solutions to dropship winning products wherever you want around the globe.

We are a team of highly enthusiastic people whose motto is to give the best user experience and personalised service to each of our customer located all around the world. One can completely outsource their dropshipping business to us and we will take care of everything!

What Our Customers Say

Our Pricing
(Contact us Separately for Digital marketing)

Digital Marketing Plan Starting from


  • Exclusive Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Graphic Post creation

  • Ad videos + Voiceover

  • Email Marketing and Newsletter

  • Paid Media Marketing Budget Management

  • Blog and Content Creation

  • Content Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Dedicated VA Team

1 Pre-built E-commerce Store


  • 1 Pre-built Premium E-commerce Store

  • Market Research & Strategy

  • Niche Products addition

  • Social Media Integration

  • Logo Designing and Domain Name Help

  • Full SEO Consultancy

  • Email template & newsletter

  • competitive analysis & benchmarking

  • Discount Coupon for Digital Marketing*

  • 6 Months Mentorship & support

2 Pre-Built E-commerce Store


  • 2 Pre-built premium E-commerce Store

  • Market Research & Strategy

  • Niche Products addition

  • Social Media Integration

  • Logo Designing and Domain Name Help

  • Full SEO Consultancy

  • Email template & newsletter

  • competitive analysis & benchmarking

  • Discount Coupon for Digital Marketing*

  • 6 Months Mentorship & support

We Never Stop Improving

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Some Common Questions

Building an E-commerce store without any guidance is usually a very complicated task. On an ego basis, doing everything yourself and not asking for help is cool. But in practice, dropshipping is not as easy as some people think. It requires solid planning and mentorship.
Building over a nice theme that looks great, to building logos, SEO optimization, integrating social media, products selection and listing, privacy policy, contacts, categories, returns, shipping, terms and conditions, profit margins and a hell lot blah blah blah!!!
You can save a lot of time, energy, and other resources by letting experts do all the work. You can either buy a store from above or you can pay us the amount and ask for a completely customizable store under your chosen product niche.

You’ll also get 1 on 1 mentorship with us. This means that we'll answer all your questions in-depth, ensuring that you grasp a solid understanding of all E-commerce topics. With our experience, you'll be highly benefitted.
Allow Dropship Directly to provide you with Complete Ownership after we're done setting up the store, and then proceed to mentor you step by step. In the mean time you can focus and learn more about marketing, product niche, your USPs etc. which will greatly help you later.

No, not at all! You don't need previous experience because we're the ones building and optimizing the store for you. In fact, you can learn better with Dropship Directly because you'll be able to see how a properly functional E-commerce store works.

It will take you 30-60 mins daily to manage the store and trust us, with the store that we will be providing, it will be very easy to manage things.
If you wish, you may use your comprehensive learning experience from your prebuilt store to start more stores yourself in the future and we'll be extremely happy for you for this.

Yes, age matters. You must be "18 years or older" (i.e. legal age) to take over an E-commerce store on the hosting platforms we use or you can partner up with your parents or siblings elder than 18. Just for the motivation, all great people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Zuckerberg, started at a very early stage in their life. Success is largely dependent on efforts, not on age!

No, your country of residence doesn't matter in most cases; the hosting platforms we use support almost every country in the world. All you need is access to the Internet.

It's a very tricky question and the short answer is- "It all depends on you." It's very cruical to choose winning products in dropshipping and also the target audience/country. We provide one-to-one mentorship along with the package. By talking to an expert, all your doubts will get cleared and you can start with a clear vision.

For the number of stores "1 Pre-built E-commerce store package" is a solid option - our most popular and affordable package at Dropship Directly, however, we encourage people with affordable budgets to go for "2 Pre-built E-commerce store package" for better diversification and better chances of rapid profits in early stages.

No one hates money. Isn't it? You can run the E-commerce store for as many years you want. With our "Exit Plan" strategy, you may sell it to friends, family or some online websites to earn good profits.

Our goal is to provide you with a solid store, which you'll have complete control over. Afterwards, what you do is up to you. Most of our clients hold for long term, while there are some whose idea is to raise it to a point and then flip.

All payments are made prior to the delivery of services except for digital marketing, where custom payments are set.
We use Paypal for collecting hassle free payments. One can make a payment on "" and then email us or just make a request by sending an email to "[email protected]" and we will revert back to you in less than 24 hours. Either way works fine, however, paying directly and then sending an email speed up the process a little bit. It is just a matter of priority!

After we finish building your store (within 15 days), you'll receive an email with delivery instructions from the hosting platform - along with an email from us. This will allow you to login to your store with a staff account and full ownership will be transferred to you via email shortly thereafter. Easy process!

Once the payments are done, we'll send an official invoice confirming the payment and a representative from Dropship Directly will call you (preferably over Skype) to know more about you, your idea, thoughts, business, what type of store you're wanting etc. to get the clear big picture.

You can let us know about 'what type of products you want to sale', 'where you want to sale', 'theme for your website', 'logo idea you might be having in mind' etc. and our reps will be taking notes of everything to make sure we meet your expectations!
Our communicate only in English and throughout the entie process our mode of communication will be through Phone calls, Skype calls, and official E-mails.

For the E-commerce store that we'll be providing you should prepare at least 50$/month for maintenance fees which covers a basic hosting plan, domain registration, and some recommended applications. Though not absolutely necessary, you may choose to spend more if you want to scale faster: more marketing strategies, outsourcing various tasks, etc. We aim to keep costs low and margins profit margins high.

We don't make any guarantees but believe in consistent progress, hard work, and serving others - in line with our values to maximize the chances of making your Dropshipping Store a Profitable Business.

Opening a Dropshipping Store is only 30% of the work. Making a correct strategy and perfect execution is the key to making profits. We at Dropship Directly provide Digital Marketing support to our clients where we create posts and promote the store and its products on different plaforms including Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Apart from that, we can also help in re-designing your logo and giving great visual identity. It's not a bad idea to give us a shot before letting your dropshipping dream die!
For people who are getting it hard in managing one or multiple stores, we can help in Customer Handling and Relation where you can completely oursource your store to us and we will be handling everything, right from queries of customers like, wrong products, late shipment, enquiry etc. to payments, products listing and suppliers relation.
Each client is unique in this case and so is the pricing which basically starts from 399$. Please drop an email to "[email protected] to know more about this.

It's easier than you think. For getting the Pre-built store, just make us the payment through the payment link "", drop us an email after, and we'll revert back to you within 24 hours.

Our aim is to provide you with full ownership as soon as possible. The typical timeframe to receive your eCommerce store (i.e. after payment and agreeing with niche selection) is - "under 15 Days". Dropship Directly is transparent and places a heavy emphasis on quality, over quantity.
By taking the Pre-built store, our clients are also automatically applicable for 15% discount in Digital Marketing fees, if they want it to be done by us! Since dropshipping is an online business, so digital marketing should be heavily focused and our expert team can greatly help in this.

For any more queries or one-to-one discussion for Digital Marketing or Customer Handling you can write to us at "[email protected]".